• Apache Kafka - An Introduction

    It’s a common occurrence in our industry to have heard of a technology, glean a vague idea of “what it is” but never have the opportunity to actually explore the technology any further.

  • Customising Xdebug Shortcuts in Sublime Text

    Becoming proficient with your tools is a key component to mastering your work. Our text editor is arguably our most important tool. For those programmers who have Sublime Text as their weapon of choice there is a chance you are using Xdebug to step through your code when the need arises.

  • Framework Thoughts

    My development career began in 2010, in that time i’ve used 2 different PHP frameworks in development environments. The first, Kohana 2, light usage in a ‘passive’ context, utilizing the goodness that frameworks provide on a long matured, well established web application. In my opinion, this light usage of committing relatively small code to a huge codebase does not warrant an opinion on frameworks in general.

  • Slow Wireless Connection Using Ubuntu 12.04 and a Lenovo Thinkpad X200

    There are, of course, many reasons as to why your wireless connection may be painfully slow. I’m writing this post, primarily as a reference for myself but hopefully it may act as a helper for others who find themselves in a similar situation.

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